Thursday, July 11, 2013

vacation like it's 1899

at the lakeside chautauqua in northern ohio, you pay a gate fee that covers entertainment.
once you drive past the gate, years drop off and you are far back in time.
 on june 19th, the wall street journal wrote an article about chautauquas and
included lakeside.  
i'll show more what you do there, but each evening at 7 or 8 there is a performance.
during the day, there are educational talks. while we were there, the talks were about immigration from a historical perspective, eleanor roosevelt, and lakeside during wwII.  
the evening performance is here in this beautiful, old building with ceiling fans.  
there is a path along the waterfront, and a pavilion where couples get married.  
shuffleboard, basketball, and horseshoes are the sports.
well, fishing and boating, too, naturally.
multi-generations enjoy time together here.  
you can walk everywhere, bring (or rent) bikes, or perhaps if need be, take a golf cart.  
more soon about this lovely, relaxing place.  

nostalgic beauty.


  1. Oh, this looks delightful! Really, really lovely. Just as lovely now as it would have been then, I think. Happy weekend, dear!

  2. This would be just my thing.

    When I clicked on the link it really drew me in immediately. How fab to spend a weekend or maybe an entire week there? I would attend lots of classes and talks.


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