Tuesday, July 16, 2013

quinoa patties with feta, zucchini, and corn

 in summer, dinner is a joy.
i'm not teaching, so there's time to explore new recipes and cookbooks.
here's my first experience with quinoa, compliments of homemade summer.
it would take a food stylist or lauren to make the patties look appetizing, but
they taste delicious.   

you take one cup of cooked quinoa, and mix it with two eggs, some zucchini, the kernels of one corn cob, garlic, onion, parsley, feta, and chives.  add salt and hot or other pepper.   bread crumbs.  make patties.

fry gently in oil.
i served mine with vanilla, cucumber, and mint yogurt.

you can find another recipe here.

this is a health food?  

edible beauty.
joy to you!


  1. Noreen, you're too kind to me! These patties sound delicious! It's funny, I woke up yesterday thinking about corn fritters. We used to have them when I was a kid, and I never make them. And guess what? Today is National Corn Fritter Day! Who knew?! I'm going out tonight, but I'm getting on it tomorrow!

  2. They sound delicious! I love the cover of the book, the font is fantastic. Thank you sweet one for checking in on me. I am ok... just in a bit of a funk. Much love to you xx

  3. Oh these sound delicious and so easy. I love these books, have been looking at Homemade Winter as well which has an equally wonderful cover. Enjoy your summer cooking!

  4. That sounds delicious. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes involving quinoa.

  5. Looks like agood book to have.

    Nie to hear you've got some time for yourself and to endulge.


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