Friday, July 12, 2013

what you do at lakeside

at lakeside you ride a bike or walk to the lake.  
if it's nice, you can relax with your young child at the baby pool or water play area, or with your older children at the beach on lake erie.
you can also..
 find waldo wherever you go.
playing putt-putt golf is fun, and you get to go through miniature "gates" and the auditorium whose full-sized version is here.

did i mention they have a bookstore?
the gardens are lovely, and worth a walk just to see.
you can go to the historical center.
the note on this photo from 1921 says,
"what are our children thinking?"
you can stay at the lakeside hotel, rent a house, or stay at a bed and breakfast.
we like the keystone guest house.

beautiful recreation.
joy to you!


  1. You had me sold at "they have a bookstore...". And reading lakeside sounds wonderful xx

  2. No vacation would be complete without putt-putt would it? ;)

  3. Such a lovely place, I could spend the whole summer there.

  4. I'm with Catherine here. I could spend the entire summer there.

    It looks really very down to earth. Sometimes I wish I could find places like this here in the UK.
    A library too?

    There's a new kind of 4-day festival here. It looks lovely but sometimes I just want something less 'chi chi' if that makes sense.


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