Thursday, July 4, 2013

at the parade before the rain

 it's rained all day since the upper arlington parade ended.  
no picnics this afternoon, but we can enjoy the creativity and joy of 
a 4th of july celebration.
 the upper arlington high school class of 1943 had a float.  wow!  
 high school bands played.
 one neighborhood created a disney float.  
 the columbus zoo was there with cute animals.
 lots of athletes were in the parade, including these high school rowers.  in a two-level float, they had boats above them.
 some drivers brought their friends along.
 men and women were princess leia in this

 detailed float.  
 the smaller dogs rode, but the great dane walked.
 one bear rode atop a golf cart, while the golden bear
that ended the parade was pulled by lots of people.  
sometimes they'd run in a circle and spin it around.  

happy independence day!


  1. What a fun looking event! i LOVE the flag teamwork (ladies wore it well!).

  2. Wow! What effort everyone makes...

    The floats were brilliant.
    That Dane? A real beauty.

    The Bears. Ha. What fun! Thanks for sharing.


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