Friday, November 29, 2013

cleaning - thanksgiving

thankful for a short vacation to clean and rid our home of clutter.
not that we have the staff of a cruise ship, seen above, but
neither do we have the enormous space. 

the beauty of work. 
joy to you. 


  1. Always nice to go into the holiday all spiffed up!

  2. We're doing the same at the moment Noreen, just can't stand clutter any more. I want to get rid of it all, so lots of visits to the charity shop, I find it so liberating! x

  3. Hello my dear! I've missed you! Still taking time to get caught up with all my dear friends. How was your holiday? Your blog looks so lovely. I'm going to linger over all these beautiful posts.

    We're doing to clutter clearing (always it seems) here too. I'd give it all away if I could, but I'd need that army of cruise ship helpers!


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