Thursday, November 7, 2013

pediatricians on screen time

 as a teacher, i see how excess screen time effects a child's behavior and achievement.  
last week the american academy of pediatrics issued a statement.
they say that excess media is associated with poor school performance, obesity, aggression, and lack of sleep.  at the same time, we live in a world of screens, so the aap recommends families make a "media plan".  
the aap wants children to have less than two hours of entertainment screen time per day, and children younger than 2 years, none at all.  

this is beautiful because it's helpful to families.  if we teach our children to use media safely and within limits, perhaps they will go outside and get some fresh air.
perhaps families can enjoy each other without a screen.

the beauty of support for children.

joy to you and your family.


  1. Hi Noreen, I'm so glad computers, the use of screens wasn't as prolific as it is now when my children were young, It would have interfered so much. A Media Plan is a great idea for parents to adopt. x

  2. I tell you Noreen, my kids are grown, but I just know this is a problem with kids nowadays. It is also creating a generation of children unable to communicate with others and with a lack of social skills. So sad. I wholeheartedly would insist on a "media plan" if I were raising children now.


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