Wednesday, November 27, 2013

franklin park conservatory - the hot shop

 the hands of a master glass-blower are constantly moving.  
he spins the rod while working.
 then he blows the glass.
 the artist shapes the molten glass by rolling it on a steel table, then
 spins it again in the 2,500 F furnace.
 his continually moving hands seem always in danger, 
 as you can see by his thumb in this photo,
 yet he goes from one task to the next like a well-practiced cook in the kitchen.

 the finished works look beautiful, giving no indication how impressive and dramatic their creation was.  

the glass blower has a four-year college degree in this art, and
his skill is beautiful.

if you get to columbus, ohio, see for yourself at the franklin park conservatory hot shop.

joy to you.


  1. How wonderful to observe them as they're blowing glass. I've actually never seen it. Once I was nearly on my way to Murano but got ill and ended up staying in Venice. Beautiful!

  2. beautiful artform that is hypnotizing to watch


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