Tuesday, November 12, 2013

steve mccurry - untold

 it's hard to know what to say about this book. 
 steve mccurry has been one of my favorite photographers for years.
this book answers the questions that his amazing photographs leave in your mind.  
 an oil fire in kuwait, there are sections based on his travels.
 mccurry's famous national geographic photo is included, with the story
of searching for the young afghan girl years later.  she and her family agreed to 
be photographed again.  
 it's compelling.

mccurry was in nyc on september 11, 2001, working in his office by washington square park.  he could see the world trade center out the window.  after seeing smoke billowing from the windows, he ran up to the roof with a  camera.  his documenting of the event appeared in the new york times and magazines and newspapers around the world.

what stays with you is his love of regular people making the best of their circumstances.

an inspiring gift for art lovers.

amazing beauty.


  1. Wow! I am going to have find this book- it sounds really fascinating!

  2. Noreen, I love Steve McCurry also, until recently from afar, as I didn't know that much about him. I've been looking forward to this book and hope it will be under my Christmas tree! He also has a phone app called Portraits. Here is the post I recently wrote about him http://www.greenwithrenvy.com/2013/08/pay-it-forward-friday-through-lens-of.html Your blog is looking beautiful, I haven't been by in a while and the photography is great! Alison

  3. Aha, more comments on your photography.

    I also love S McCurry but had no idea about this book. I'm going to put it on my wishlist and hopefully blog about it. I just checked and he spoke in London in October. Damn, missed that!!!! Thank you for sharing.


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