Monday, May 7, 2012

flying pig

it was dark and the moon was bright at 5:30 a.m., as runners walked to the starting line.
the sun rose over the ohio river just after the 6:30 a.m. gun began the race.
there were 12,000+ half-marathoners, and 4,000-ish marathon runners.
both groups ran up a big hill into eden park, and
past the overlook.
the spectators were the best!  this lovely man played his drum.  i know there is a story here, but could not stop to get it.
several nursing homes had people outside cheering - a delight.  
 the "blues brothers" had a water stop.  cute, huh?  

now - recovering, and back to school today.  
joy to you.


  1. Noreen, congratulations on running this marathon...awesome and very inspiring. Looks like such a fun event. Catherine x

  2. Are you sore today? I was SO sore immediately after the race and pretty much the rest of the week after. But, as I mentioned, I didn't train. So, I'm curious: If one trains, do you not get sore? :) Love your photos, N!

  3. so great. you inspire me. I hope you weren't too tired today! Teri

  4. a beautiful time of the day to be up and out. these photos are stunning! And the man with the drum is so sweet. congratulations! just a side note: i have given you the sunshine award. feel free to pass it on if you'd like too. you can see it on my lil bloggy space xxx

  5. Good grief, leave it to you to get shots of the race while running like a wild woman! These are great and congrats again dear Noreen for finishing this race with flying colors, I mean flying pigs!

  6. So proud of you. Totally impressed and I LOVE that the nursing home folk come out. What a wonderful idea! Happy day.


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