Monday, February 25, 2013

early readers - dixie

early readers need a new book each day.  to keep up with that demand we need lots of texts.  
here's a cute series.  it's a little challenging, with words like excited and understand, but accessible with a parent or older child's help.

happy reading!


  1. This is making me miss reading to my girls when they were younger. These Dixie books look great, I love the illustration of the dog.

  2. I love that age. We have a book store now (did you know that) I am always looking for new fun things to carry.

    LOVE you!!! Hope all is well with you!!! Brooke

  3. Hi Noreen, doing a little catch up and finding myself taking down so many notes. I always appreciate your insights about what children love. Thank you! I hope all is well with you. xo

  4. Miss S borrowed some of these books from our local library. I love seeing how her reading/spelling is improving everyday. xx


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