Sunday, February 3, 2013


they're rebuilding the gift shop at the reds' ballpark.  
the courthouse bell - never noticed it before.
the serpentine wall, snow covered.
over the purple people bridge, and 
my teenager came with us.  
joy to you this week.


  1. Great you got your teenager to come! It's fun spending time with them when they will come with us. Did you go see a game there? My girls thought Beyonce was amazing at the Superbowl & haven't stopped watching her performance on youtube!

  2. So nice to run with your teen! Lovely. And I love the snow on the serpentine wall. XO

  3. How do you run on snow covered streets without slipping and falling? Seriously curious. I haven't been doing my outside walks for fear of falling. Since breaking my wrist a couple of years ago, I am concerned about snow and ice. I see people run all e time in running shoes, and don't get it. Thoughts please. xo


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