Thursday, February 21, 2013

jean-paul's paradiso

if we're too busy to cook, jean paul's paradiso makes dinner.
amazing food, and on the way home.
it's neither fancy, nor a large sit-down restaurant, but the food is chef-made.
can you believe we've never had their sweets?
rocks on the window sill, and 
little cafe tables make jean paul's homey.  
they can also be found at the hyde park farmer's market.

recommended:  mushroom soup, spinach salad, bow tie pasta, spinach wrap, all breads, and pizza.  

a delicious meal made by an expert after a busy work day is a delight.
joy to you!

1 comment:

  1. Looks so lovely and delish too! I used to eat at a tennis club every Sunday on Oahu. It was a take-out window but the food was chef made (he ran their window and they let him use their licensed commercial kitchen for his gourmet catering business). So I could relate immediately. Those kind of places are the best, casual and all about good food. Great pics!


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