Monday, February 11, 2013

remembering - 3 steps

recently i found an article at the improvised life about memory.  it referenced memrise.

 three strategies were found to be useful:
1.  elaborative encoding.  this includes two things - attaching context to what you are learning, and putting effort into remembering the information.  these make the memory more durable, more likely to be recalled when needed.  a strategy is to visualize what you are trying to remember.  pictures attached to words are helpful.  

2.  spaced repetition - practice repeatedly, spread across time.  in the multi-grade classroom, this includes approaching the same topic each year, deeper each time.  it also works in a shorter term.  practicing spelling words several times in different ways throughout the week creates a deeper memory than studying once.

3.  make learning fun.  first graders learn prepositions on the playground - run UP the steps, go THROUGH the tunnel, and so on.  a joy.

thoughts on remembering?

the beauty of learning.


  1. Miss S is doing spaced repetition at the moment with spelling... It is working well and quickly. She amazes me daily. Movement and/music attatched to learning can be helpful for remembering too. Joyful learning is a wonderful gift xx

  2. This makes me think of that NY Times article last year or so, maybe a couple years now, about how kids do better on their homework if they can do it in different places in the house. We try to allow that (within reason!) as Cal spreads out across our house...papers everywhere, but the facts seem to sink in! If I could only find a way to help him remember his Latin book and not lose it!

  3. My memory has been taking a beating lately..very interested in this information..thanks Noreen. xx


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