Wednesday, February 13, 2013

valentine's day - top 5

 here's my top 5 reasons to celebrate valentine's -
5.  it's a great excuse to take care of your heart.  see the american heart association.
4.  you can love your children, sister, or dog if you don't have a honey.
3.  it's winter.  gray.  what better than a pink holiday for cheer?
2.  valentine's day with children is a joy.
1.  friendship and love make the world go around.

so here's to you.  may your day be sweet, and spent with those who are precious to you.


  1. I hope your day was lovely. I love your top 5! joy and love to you xx

  2. Cute! Are you practicing to be featured on Letterman?

  3. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's's fun! Would love one of those chocolates! Did you see my reply on the Nasi Goreng post.."I'd make you a whole balinese banquet if you visited" xx

  4. I AGREE! I love Valentine's Day! We're low key around here, but there's nothing better than celebrating love, in all its forms! (On my blog today, I tell you what Neel always accidentally calls Valentine's Day...I think it's most appropriate!)


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