Sunday, February 24, 2013

peace - by wendy halperin

creating a peaceful classroom is an ongoing project.  in her new book, peace, artist wendy anderson halperin draws children into the process.  
her dedication is so beautiful, i'm sharing it with you: 
 this book is dedicated to your senses

to seeing
may your eyes have visions of peace.  may your eyes see actions of peace.  may you find peace in seeing the wonders of nature.

to touching
may your hands do the work of peace: to help, to plant, to comfort, to reach out, and to create peace.  may your feet walk in the direction of peace.

to smelling
may you smell fresh air.  may you smell a twig of rosemary when you are upset.  may you smell the flowers of a quiet garden and the trees in a silent woods, and may a flower teach you to breathe slowly and deeply.

to tasting
may you make choices in what you eat to promote peace.  may your thoughts and efforts help feed the hungry.  may you help keep our waters, lakes, rivers, and oceans clean for the thirsty.

 to hearing
may you hear or make music to feel peace.  may you be a good listener to promote peace.  may your words heal, not hurt.  
if you have children, this book might be a great gift to them or their classroom.  
if you love art, you also may enjoy perusing the pages.

peace to you!


  1. This is such a gorgeous book, thank you so much for sharing.

    Kids, hey, this is one for my collection:-)

  2. The illustrations in this book are just beautiful. (Shh, I might purchase the book for the art alone.) I also love the book's message. Thanks for sharing a few bits with us. I'm definitely putting this one on my wish list.

  3. Her dedication gave me goosebumps! Noreen THANKYOU for sharing this! xx


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