Sunday, October 16, 2011

columbus half marathon

the night before a race, eat pasta.  never have i had homemade noodles for my pre-race meal until this one.  my lovely in-laws are italian.  a beautiful gift.

early morning start - very chilly and windy.  also, a huge crowd!  the rainy sky threatened, but we did not get any downpours.  good news.

our flag was beautifully lit, and the runners were silent and respectful for the "star spangled banner".  the singer had a full, deep voice.  I took this picture running, after the song. 

walk, jog, walk to the starting line.  

view.  it looks like i was really moving, right?  not!!  

finish.  happy and sore.  one last beautiful thing - my husband, who rose at 5 a.m. to get me to the start, drove around, cheered, and picked me up at the finish. i ran this race in honor of a dear family friend who passed away last night.  he inspired my steps as i thought of the joyful times we had together.  lots of blessings today and one big sorrow.  our friend's beauty lives on through his loving family.    

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