Monday, October 31, 2011


our furnace stopped working on friday.  the low temperatures these past nights were freezing.  frost is beautiful on the grass and plants in the morning, however the house is very chilly.  here are some warm blessings from this weekend:

1.  the hot water heater works 
2.  an extra-hot mocha from the Coffee Emporium
3.  washable wool blankets
4.  space heaters (and dear friends who share theirs)
6.  lots of exercise to keep us warm 

joy to you  (p.s.  furnace fixed today.  yes.)


  1. I'm wrapped in my scarf as I'm typing, but it's not really that cold here. Just in the house. Our house is drafty and cold. Winter is coming. I love space heaters too!

  2. Oh! So sorry that you didn't have heat! Why do we always discover that just when it gets so cold? (I guess because that's when we're turning on the heater...) Anyhow, it's really sweet that you created a "grateful" list on the subject. That warms my heart! :) Also, glad the furnace is fixed.

  3. Hoping the exercise and coffee were both invigorating and warming. I'm glad your furnace is fixed {i'm not quite sure what a furnace is... but I'm glad it is fixed!}
    Lovely that you could be grateful for what you did have xxx


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