Tuesday, October 18, 2011

open adoption

one very important beautiful thing on our lives has been creating our family through open adoption.  for our children's sake, we chose open adoption - that is, we know and get together with their birth families.  we wanted our kids to know who they looked like, whose sense of humor they had, and to be able to get answers for any medical questions.  what we didn't know was how wonderful it would be, and how the birth families would become our "real" families, too.  we didn't know that it wouldn't just benefit the children, but would bring traditions and adventures for all of us.  in short, they make our lives rich in love.

that means, when a birth family member dies, we grieve, too.  it's a part of life.  one part of loving more people is that you have more loss when they pass away.  but it's worth it.  the loved one will live on in our memories.  

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