Tuesday, October 25, 2011

your view

does your temperament affect what you see?  does what you expect?  i'm thinking about these things because people are so different.  beauty is in the eye, after all, which implies that our views are different.  

my theory is that expectations do affect views.  for example, i thought i was completely alone, running early on a saturday morning.  i had been down this path before and enjoyed solitude.  as i took this picture, i still thought i was by myself.  

here you can clearly see a person and some animals approaching, but i didn't when taking this.  a few minutes later the dogs bounded out of the woods and surprised me.  happily, the man held them while i passed.

okay, what you expect affects what you see, but how about your internal happiness temperature?  the glass half full or half empty, does it change what you see?  

 my blog is premised on the theory that beauty exists for all.  so i catch it to show those who are too busy, or who have trouble seeing it.  the photos in this blog are not enhanced, color corrected, or improved in any way.  the beauty is authentic.  

 it exists.

 may you see and enjoy the beauty in your days.  


  1. Hi Noreen,

    I love your photos - they are so atmospheric. You really did capture the beauty of that early morning. I like the premise of your blog, and will definitely be back to see what you're seeing. ;)

  2. Noreen, yes, beauty in the moment, in the every day is something so wonderful. You have a lovely writing style, I feel like you are talking to me. I am happy when I recieve your posts in my inbox...

  3. Wish we lived closer, Lync and I would love to take a run with you. What a beautiful trail!!

  4. Hi Noreen -

    I love your early morning pictures, and I agree - our experiences are greatly determined by our mindset. After all it is the only thing we really have control over. Thank you for the simple reminder :)


  5. Just lovely! The fog was so surreal and peaceful -a great reminder to take the time to experience each day. Thank you for sharing!


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