Thursday, October 27, 2011

many fine adventures

yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary.  

when you spend that long together, you create something complex and interesting.

of course, the details are even more important to you each day.

but if you are lucky, you will choose someone who enjoys the same things you do.  for instance, during our one week in paris before the children were born, we went to five museums.  these included the rodin museum, which we saw in the rain.  the burghers were outside, so we splashed briefly to see them.  they are MUCH bigger than this small one, on view at the columbus museum of art.  

whatever the weather in your life, you want the one you love at your side.

he even likes max beckmann, an acquired taste!

your sweetie will add lots of color to your days.  mine has added the colors of football and baseball, golf and swimming.  (i haven't taken UP all those hobbies, however.)

 in the end, the two of you may create something beautiful.  
together we will continue to have many fine adventures.  
joy to you and your loved ones!  
(all art from the columbus museum of art, columbus, ohio)


  1. A beautiful representation of 20 years together. Congratulations

  2. Wonderful! I wish you many more years of happy marriage!

  3. Your post is touching. It brought tears to my eyes. I just came home tonight and told my husband of five years how much I love coming home to him. I hope I feel the same way you do in 15 years.

  4. Noreen, this is so beautiful and moving. Happy anniversary. I love the art that represents your life together! Beauty-full xxx

  5. Happy belated anniversary! Today is my 16th wedding anniversary, I'm as grateful today as I was 16 years ago...maybe more so. Your post was very moving. xo


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