Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bridge at sunrise

the air temperature was 32 degrees.  


  1. So glad you have heat if it's 32 degrees! Those photos are stunning...I especially love the first one, with the sun peeking past the bridge.

  2. Hi Noreen, so glad you happened by my blog on blog hop day. Your photography is great. I just bought a new camera and I'm still getting my feet with in learning about it. Hope you're getting plenty out of BYW, I know I am.

  3. Hello Noreen,

    I am sorry to be a pain in the butt, I am back from BYW class. I could desperately use your help. I am trying yet again to make a header. I have even gone to picnik and tried to resize my image as you did, but each time I changed the first number and moved to the second the forst numbers would change again? How is the possible? Any tips for a complete blogger idiot?

    Thank you!!! Elizabeth


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