Wednesday, August 15, 2012

barn owl and pigs

 a young volunteer at the cincinnati zoo was holding this bird.  when she looked to the side, the bird did, too.  or maybe, vice versa. 
they were standing in front of a sign for "miniature pig hurdles".  we went to the 11:45 show, but it was already over (at 11:46).  a very quick show.  still here is a happy little pig.
 and another.
the hurdles were very low to the ground.
joy to you.


  1. Ha! I love that last sentence: the hurdles were very low to the ground. Gorgeous animals.

  2. omg! so freakin' cute. i'm an animal and bird lover, so anything with animals i'm crazy for. that owl is so gorgeous and little pigs are just the cutest. the hurdles were low to the ground? that's funny Noreen! xo T

  3. Well, that was a quick show, indeed! That owl is so beautiful and the pigs are cute. Hope you had a wonderful day at the zoo.

  4. Hi Noreen, this is so cute and heart warming. The pigs remind me of that movie 'Babe'..this has given me joy and made me smile. x

  5. HELLO Noreen!! I am totally in love with the owl and little piggy! I wish owls were not so elusive as I think they are magnificent creatures. I wish to be as close to one as you were allowing these captures. Aahdorable!! Margie

  6. so glad the hurdles were low to the ground! :)
    the owl is magnificent. such a stunning creature. happy weekend noreen thanks for the joy this post bought xx


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