Friday, August 10, 2012

casual friday - pigs

 when you go downtown cincinnati now, 
 you see pigs.  
did you know that cincinnati is known as "pork-opolis"?  we have flying pig statues and a flying pig marathon.  it's not because we are all overweight.  
this summer, our urban art is piggish.  

 "headline hog"
 can you guess this pig's name?
 exactly!  "penny".

art deco pig.

what's the pig idea?
in the 1800s, when cincinnati was a center of commerce to the west, riverboats and local farms brought pigs to town.  agriculture.  processing plants.  
then, in 1988, when our city celebrated its bicentennial, an artist put smokestacks and flying pigs in a park downtown.  
so we're pork-opolis.  
vegetarians and vegans welcome.
happy friday!


  1. Funny pigs! And I did wonder a bit about the name flying pig marathon when you posted about it. Now I understand :-)

    Hope your weekend is lovely!

    Love Maria

  2. Pork-opolis! I love it!

    A few years ago we had the cows project..... I quite like the pigs though.
    The one with the coins was my favourite of the 'Egg Hunt' project we had over Christmas.

    Also love the take on Pantone Colour one....

    Nice photos. Great post. Thank you.

  3. I love that cities are doing this! Norfolk is known as the Mermaid City, so many business have mermaids, much the same as your pigs. The mermaids are nice, but I might be partial to the pigs! Have a good weekend, dear.

  4. Cincinnati gets pigs, New York had cows, and London had the eggs. I'm liking all this city art; It's fun. My favorite pig is the Pigtone, inspired by Pantone...Clever.

  5. the pigs are fantastic!!! love the pigtone pig!
    the town that i grew up in had an annual festival called.... the banana festival. yes, we celebrated bananas, had a 'banana queen' and 'banana prince and princess'...
    the pigs are way cooler! xxx


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