Friday, August 3, 2012

top five - august

 it's back-to-school month, and many parents have mixed feelings.  we love the relaxed schedule of summer, and really enjoy spending time with our children.  

to focus on the positive, here are the top 5 things of this transition month:

5.  the pool is still open, the fairs are happening, and you can still take the kids to a baseball game.
4.  children get bored and restless in august.  camps are finished, and kids need to be creative to entertain themselves.  if your child says, "i'm so bored!", answer, "i'm happy for you!  what are you going to do?"  if they really can't think of anything, tell them i said to read a book!  
3.  children still have the time to finish summer homework.  don't let your child wait until the last minute to do assignments.
2.  fall sports are starting.  kids on teams get exercise, structure, and time with friends.  also, football fans start to get excited for their team.  
1.  school starts.  everyone has to get up early, but the classroom is a lovely place.  It is a warm community with lots of learning adventures.  

what's on your list this august?

(casual friday back next week!)


  1. Family visits, pool time, finishing summer reading, beach time, pool time, more family visits and getting ready for middle school. Lots to do! Happy weekend to you, dear! xo

  2. August will see the girls finishing up the soccer season. Looks like one team will be in the semis! I'm hoping this month to come up with a "Blogging Mission Plan" get some clear focus on what I want to achieve with my blog and create for myself a clear to-do list to get there! Hopefully, the weather will start to warm up a little, I'm looking forward to being able to get out a little more and sit in the sun.

  3. august is party month for us. this week i am planning miss s' birthday party for next weekend. i love that in august days are lengthening, blue skies and sunny days are prolific, but it's still chilly.
    happy weekend xxx

  4. a wedding, a birthday & building bridges (of the invisiblely firm kind)

    such loveliness!

  5. BIRTHDAY MONTH, all month long. Festivities, invites to breakfast, lunch, tea and dinners. Travel. Presents. Buying myself a new Macbook Pro (yeah). Party party party and of course the Olympics !!!!!

  6. "The gift of boredom" as Dr. Kim John Payne likes to call it. I've got lots of boredom on the schedule. ;) We also have some planned activities on the books - birthday parties, camping, beach/pool time, and a road trip to San Francisco. Going to enjoy every last bit of this month.


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