Sunday, August 12, 2012

monday colors -

the fountain,

a cincinnati landmark,

is lovely.  
for event information, check here.

it's back-to-school time, so i'll be here a bit less often.  m-w-f, probably. 
beauty happens every day, so keep finding it, will you?


  1. Good for you, Noreen! Good luck gearing up for school's start. I'm not ready to think about it yet! Linger a little longer, summer, will you please? xo

  2. Hope all goes well with school. Love the way you constantly remind me to look for the beauty in the everyday. It's a lovely gift you are giving to your readers.

  3. It's already that time, is it? We have a couple more weeks of summer here and then we will be in your boat. I think you're giving yourself a great gift. Take care of YOU and see you every M/W/F (or so ;). xo

  4. noreen, the third photo down is amazing! hope the transition back to school routine is smooth. i'll enjoy the everyday beauty and think of you and will see you here. M/W/F works well for me at the moment too xx

  5. All the best with the start of school Noreen. Cincinatti looks like a lovely city, thank you for all your snapshots over the summer. x


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