Wednesday, August 22, 2012

top 5 - back to school

it's time for the children to begin school again.  as a montessori teacher, i love school, and would teach year-round (with breaks of course!)  
so here's my top 5 benefits:

5. routines
4.  old friends
3.  new friends
2.  fresh facts and adventures
1.  starting something new

For kids, this is the New Year.   Here's to lots of learning and a peaceful, welcome back.


  1. Here's to a fantastic school year for you all.

  2. Good morning dear. Callum has his middle school orientation today and he's filled with dread! That's to be expected, I guess, but even he agrees with your list! He's in that place of two worlds colliding, and will feel much better even next week at this time. I've been thinking of you this week. The first of school always feels like a new year to me too. I'm (sort of) ready! xo

  3. i love your 5! i think i might adopt them for myself as well. enjoy the new school year xx

  4. Wishing you an amazing school year my friend. I just know you are a wonderful teacher with a very gentle manner about you. I adore September as it has always signaled new beginnings and back to routines. Not to mention the glorious weather that accompanies it.

  5. Great list, Noreen. Gosh, I'm not even starting a new school year and I think I could benefit from this list. Here's to an amazing new school year. I just know you're about to leave your wonderful mark on some lucky kids.


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