Sunday, August 26, 2012

signs of fall

 a long bike ride with no water bottle - was happy to find 
 this complicated water fountain.  
 seasons changing?  it's 90 degrees.  but there they are.. fallen leaves.
joy to you this week!


  1. Even those it was a beautiful warm summer weekend, I could feel the shift in the air. Fall is in the air for sure. Happy Monday! Teri

  2. I'm fascinated by our different hemispheres, we are seeing the same peeks...but of Spring! Catherine x

    1. me too catherine. spring has definitely arrived where i live, and noreen i love the beauty that comes with autumn. can't wait to see more of your autumnal shots xx

  3. Miserably muggy here today, but you can see it too...signs of fall. I think I'm ready.

  4. We've been having rather warm weather for the last few weeks and I think everyone is ready to welcome fall. My son had his first soccer practice tonight, so that's a sure sign that fall is right around the corner for us.


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