Friday, October 19, 2012

getting dark

 it's getting dark earlier.  this was the beginning of a short 4 mile run/walk.
  by the time we got to the bridge, the sun was pretty low.  
a short jaunt around downtown, and this is what it looked like heading back.  
happy to be moving after a long injury.

changing seasons beauty.


  1. Love that last shot! Glad you are healed.

  2. glad you are running/walking again. enjoy the change of season. we are suffering a scorching weekend... and it is light until just after 7.30pm. makes it hard to enforce bedtime when it is still light :) happy weekend N xx

  3. Does this mean you're moving again? Hooray! I have a knee that's been bothering me, but I'm itching to move my body. Maybe going slow will work the kinks out. I actually love that it's getting dark earlier. I love how the changing light reflects the changing season. Gorgeous photos.

  4. Oh, Noreen, happy to hear that you are running again. I'm sure you're happy about it, as well. It's starting to finally feel like fall around these parts after a brief heat wave and Indian summer. I welcome it with open arms. Love these shots!

  5. Great that you are running again. Here on the other side of the world the days are getting longer, soon we will be able to have BBQ's on the beach for dinner, which is probably my favourite part of summer, watching the sun set over the empty beach!


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