Monday, October 15, 2012

natural bridge

 in the midwest, you might want to head to natural bridge state park in kentucky.
 my sister is a rock climber, and has come here for years.  
 she got married this weekend, and had her wedding in the park.  it's called natural bridge for a reason.
 you can hike for an hour or two and arrive at this bridge, or you can take the direct route - steps!  or for those with a relative who needs assistance, they even have a sky lift.  
 once you are under the bridge, it's impressive.  but you can climb it, too.
 we took the hard way.
 there is an easier way, too, and   
 the view is lovely.
 no railings, though, so be careful.

hike much?
joy to you.


  1. I should hike more. When I say that I "hike" here, I really walk because it's so flat. That's a gorgeous park. The height might freak me out a bit though! ;)

  2. Beautiful! Did they get married at the bridge? I haven't hiked in forever, and even then, it was usually on vacation.

  3. this landscape is similar to the blue mountains here in katoomba, australia. so majestic. what a wonderful experience xx

  4. So, so breathtaking, Noreen! I can see why your sister chose this place to get married. I use to hike a lot when I lived in San Francisco. I like that you took the more challenging route. I sort of knew you would. ;)


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