Monday, October 1, 2012


here it is - a time of change - 
a wedding, moving house, baby twins 
all these, one day soon - 
not us, our family

the outside changes reflect the beauty of transitions.

is it a time of change where you are?


  1. Clearly, October is a big month for you and yours!

  2. Yes, it's true. I feel it too. Transitions. Teri

  3. Lots of exciting changes coming down the pike for your family! I'm excited for you. Smaller changes here, but good ones. I love this month.

  4. It seems like we're always evolving and changing..there is a season for everything. All the best to your family for October, exciting changes and thank you for always being so positive it lifts me up.

  5. oh noreen, those changes sound wonderful! there is beauty in all seasons xx

  6. I love change and definitely change is a big topic here right now: new Job opportunities, fall has definitely arrived and we are all looking forward to the New possibilities. My favorite quote by S.J. Lec "beyond each corner new directions lie in wait" is so thrilling, isn't it?
    All the best from Germany,

  7. Finally, FINALLY, we are starting to get some cooler weather in these parts, which helps to make it feel like fall. The leaves haven't started changing yet (soon, I'm sure), but the pumpkin patches are all up - A definite sign of changes.


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