Saturday, October 27, 2012

top 5 - october

5.  going outside - the leaves change daily.  
4.  hot chocolate with breakfast for the kids, and hot fall coffee drinks for adults.
3.  halloween traditions.   
2.  fall clothes
1.  soup, warm blankets, a fire in the fireplace, entertaining family

this photo is not what ohio looks like now, but two weeks ago.

joy and happy weekend to you and yours.


  1. Can't believe October is winding down! Yikes! Happy weekend to you to Noreen!

  2. Lovely simplicity as usual Miss Noreen. Just so you know I am visiting regularly, but for some reason I can't comment using my iPad - which is very frustrating - because I like to do my blog reading sitting in the lounge chair!

  3. what a beautiful time of year. i will have to google the meaning behind halloween. your top 5 are wonderful xx

  4. I also love this autumn weather and enjoying the simple things. I found you from the bywbootcamp and wish you all the best with your blog. Thanks Doris @

  5. Sounds like you and your family are enjoying Autumn (Fall), such a lovely time of the year before the real cold sets in.


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