Sunday, October 21, 2012

wedding cake

the best wedding cake maker in cincinnati is shalini - of chocolats latour.
she's not responsible for the plastic parts of the decoration.
delicious dessert with humor.  i'll take it!
joy to you.


  1. Very pretty cake; It's flawless. I'm guessing it was your sister's wedding cake. What flavor? ;)
    PS~Congratulations to your sister!

  2. What a wonderful cake! I was also wondering what flavour? I'm going to guess chocolate! The flowers set the cake off beautifully.

  3. So ironic since I've been looking at wedding cakes lately for my husband's daughter. Fondant or Frosting? Can't decide.
    This one looks fantastic. Love the humor. Teri

  4. Gorgeous cake! I've been hoping for some wedding photos! I love the color! Just beautiful. And Teri: Fondant all the way!

  5. the piece i had WAS chocolate - but i don't know if the other layers were vanilla. it was amazing. teri - i vote - either!

  6. mmmm, looks amazing! dessert with humour! i like it xx


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