Monday, October 29, 2012

to you

to those in the sandy's path - and to those handling life's other storms,
peace and safety to you.


  1. Beautiful sight on a gray and dreary (and cold) day here. But we're safe and sound! That's all that matters. Catch up soon. xo

  2. Thanks Noreen :) I feel very safe at home, worry kicks in when I think of my hubby's work (police officer) and travel ... but I've learned not to panic when I don't hear from him within hours... we try our best to stay in touch :) Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Beautiful sentiment, Noreen! It seems so strange that half of the country is dealing with the aftermath of Sandy and here in Southern California it's sunny. We didn't get a drop of rain. Like you, I'm wishing everyone peace.

  4. Yes sending prayers for peace & safety to the US from the land down under x

  5. You always take the loveliest pictures. What type of camera do you use?

    I love the sentiment too. I was so relieved one of my very close friends is ok and home is undamaged (she's in Conn).


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