Sunday, October 7, 2012

nc beauty

 hot tea was my beauty this weekend.
 happily, my brother got out and caught the morning on his run.
beauty is like vitamins - as soon as i saw these, i felt better.
thank you very much, twin.

happy new week.


  1. nice brother, nice brother. how i love pictures with fog.

  2. The pictures are lovely, very atmospheric!

  3. You're a twin?! How lovely! And these photos are stunning. It's feeling like fall here, but not quite looking like it here. My street has lots of pines, so I have to get out and about to see the colors. Hope you're feeling better, dear. xo

  4. lauren - we're almost twins - he's 13 months older than me. but i claim him as a twin. joy to you!

  5. what a beatiful time of day. these are so lovely x

  6. Oh, so nice of your brother to get out there for you and get some pictures. The fog is great.


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