Tuesday, October 23, 2012

late to the farmers' market

 my friend lauren loves bread.  she posted her beautiful photos of it here.  that reminded me to buy this wood-fired bread made by blue oven bakery.  it's delicious.  
the cherry chocolate bread is amazing!  sunday i was late to the farmers' market, and
 this is what they had left.  
 i bought a pecan raisin loaf, some english muffins, and made a mental note to arrive earlier next weekend.  

edible beauty.


  1. Ha! I love that picture of the leftover bread! There never seems to be enough bounty at our FM either. Maybe timing for us too.

  2. fresh bread is so wonderful. pecan and raisin sounds delicious xx

  3. Food is def edible beauty! Yikes, looks like many other people also know the deliciousness of the bread at the market. cherry chocolate bread sounds sooooooo good, wish u could send me some. Though I am aiming to not have ANY bread (flour) this month ... a few more days to go. Its my prep for gorging for the holiday :)

  4. Those two loaves of bread look so sad sitting there by themselves..glad you were able to get something to take home!


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