Friday, May 3, 2013

street and pool

 the pool has water in it.  it won't open until memorial day, but the water is there to warm in the sun.  
sunset on a rainy street.

(photos thanks to tss.)

have a beautiful weekend.


  1. We are starting to think about getting the fire going here in Australia.

  2. I'm famous!

    But only one comment means they come here to see YOUR photos, Noreen. Oh well. *I* like these. And one is of you!

    PS. It cooled down this weekend, and now *I'd* like a fire, too! Happy autumn in Australia & thanks for being the only person willing to comment!

  3. PPS. The neighbor had just cut his grass. The clippings were all matted in the street. It smelled like spring.

  4. Well hello there Noreen, comment number two here! What s beautiful setting for a swimming pool. Here's to lots of sun so the water is just right when you're ready to dive in. Thanks for the photos Terry, happy Spring all. :)

  5. I love that sunset photo, Terry! I've had a crazy busy week and sometimes have to play catch-up on Noreen's blog! Must be torture for the kids to see the pool with water in it! We just got the notice for all the dates for our pool's opening day parties, and honestly, it's hard to imagine getting in!

  6. Beautiful shots Terry! So nice to know the water is there being warmed. Wishing you joy dear friend xx


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