Saturday, May 25, 2013

bad news

 a dear friend's dad died.
a student's mom passed away not long ago.
 teachers like to fix things - reteach, go forward, intervene.
sometimes we can't make things better.

we can just be present  
and hold memories.

is there beauty in sorrow?


  1. I suppose some people can find beauty in sorrow, after a time, but I think it is a struggle.
    A friend of mine just lost her Dad too, we are sadly coming to an age when we are beginning to lose people from our lives that we expected to always be there. It redefines and readjusts who we are. Or that's what I felt when my Grandmother passed away, it seemed like we all moved up a notch - my mother was now the Grandmother, I was the mother and my children were where I had once been. When my Dad died I remember sitting in the funeral car with my mum and brother feeling like it was so odd he wasn't sitting there with us, my family wasn't the most functional, and my parents had been divorced for a long time but for the big events, like family funerals we were always together.
    It is particularly heartbreaking though when the loss is of an unexpectedly young person, leaving behind children whose existence is altered by a childhood without mum or dad.
    It's sad we can't fix it, but for you as a teacher, you can bring consistency and order into a life thrown into chaos, show them kindness, teach them well while they are in your care. It won't fix anything but it might just help ease the pain a little while they are at school.

  2. Sometimes things just cannot be made better. No matter how much we wish for it.
    I think there can be beauty in sorrow. A raw, real beauty.... But still painful nonetheless...

  3. So sorry to hear about the loss of these dear ones. Our next door neighbours son died a few weeks ago also. xxx

  4. Oh Noreen, I'm so sorry you're going through these hard times with the ones you care for. I well understand the desire to try to fix things, and sometimes it's best just to sit and let them be. But that's HARD!

    Holding you all in the light, my dear.


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