Wednesday, May 22, 2013

shiny water

79 degrees, and i ran 5 miles during soccer practice.  these geese were two feet from the trail.  one parent would watch, while the other and the fuzzy goslings ate.  
then they took their little ones to the pond.
with perfect camouflage, the babies disappeared into the muddy rocks while their parents swam.

natural beauty.

a peaceful day to you.


  1. They look like great parent ;) In my recent trip to Hawaii I kept following a chicken with her chicks then the tables turned and they started stalking me ... it was adorable!

  2. How wonderful that you got to see that! We have loads of Canada Geese around here, and we always watch for families to emerge each year. I know of one nesting pair, but they've kept the blessed event very low key!

  3. Such a glorious thing to experience. Mama's protecting their babes. I had to google your temperature :) Glad it is warming up xx


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