Wednesday, May 15, 2013

wake up!

last week it was cold, so i ran inside at a health club at 5:30.
coming out, the almost-sunrise struck me, and i stood in the drive with phone in hand.

yes, a car  pulled up, unnoticed, and waited patiently while i caught the moment.

wake up!  next time, use the sidewalk!
joy to you.


  1. I would have waited too... Beautiful moment N. I am going to work on rising earlier; though at the moment I am in love with my bed on these crisp autumn mornings xx

  2. I'm a naturally early riser. Generally I really appreciate it. This morning, with the rain heavily coming down and knowing that I couldn't walk, I would have appreciated staying in bed past 5:10! This shot is beautiful, blue dawn. I find that most people are patient like that.


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