Thursday, May 30, 2013

scenic 2

evening beauty.

joy to you.


  1. The sun going down behind the buildings and the amazing light on the river is so lovely. Noreen, I have fallen behind on getting my assignments finished, Miss S has been home sick all week... But i have booked Tal's ticket home (he'll be here in 4 weeks!!)

  2. That first photo of the sun going down? Stunning! Have you heard of this project in NYC called Manhattanhenge? (not sure if I spelled it right!) Apparently at this time of year the sun goes down between the buildings, and people are capturing all sorts of beautiful photos of it.

    Are things winding up for you? Callum is finishing up soon. Exams this week (hence my absence!) and early next, but we're truly in the homestretch! Been thinking about you! XO

  3. I love the light at the end of the day Noreen.

  4. The shots of the river remind me of Brisbane, where we used to live. It's a river city too (and the capital of Queensland).


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