Thursday, May 2, 2013

what time is it?

top 5 things to do in may:
5.  progress reports
4.  have learning adventures with this community of students (our lovely third levels will be going upstairs, but at least we will have our second and firsts another year).
3.  plant my garden (whatever deer won't eat)
2.  get outside (kids' sports, running, biking)
1.  stay calm during this hectic time of year.

what's your top 5 to-dos this month?
joy to you!


  1. Sounds like a plan teach!

  2. Wow. You have deer! So amazing!

    My top 5 for May: 1) Complete 3 assignments for my course. 2) have a campout {with a fire} 3) rearrange Miss S' room 4) organise flights for Tal to come home next school holidays 5) lesson plan for this term for the young boy I tutor

    Happy May Noreen xx

  3. Ha! Noreen, as I waited for your page to open I sat here thinking, I am always amazed that she manages to write such lovely posts when she's working so hard at being such a creative mom and teacher. And here you are! With May's to-do list! Big in scope, yes? Time speeds up at this time of year, yes? I feel crazy with it right now, but I hope you don't. I'm hoping that a hike with a friend this morning will ease my mind some. I know the sunshine will do wonders for you. XO

  4. We have deer too - a deer farm closed down years ago and let the deer loose - now they wander around eating our gardens too.

    My top 5 for May.
    1. Write 20,000 words for my book.
    2. Write a short story for the Elizabeth Jolley short story competition.
    3. Enter a chapter of my book in the Big Issue humour competition.
    4. Get resume and Linked-In profile up-to-date for when I'm looking for work in November after my current contract finishes.
    5. Get the kids to the dentist.


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