Monday, May 27, 2013

taste of cincinnati 2013

 a blue, moving statue with intense eyes stared at me when i took his photo, and 
 then slowly turned away.
he was mesmerizing and i didn't notice dora at the time.
 the street smelled of delicious food, so we moved along.
 fresh lemonade and fruit smoothies were available, but
 i bought cuban black beans with sour cream and onions from here.  
 like a race, it's fun to be in the middle of the street,
 the lights turn red and green, and no one takes notice.  

edible beauty.
joy to you.


  1. But you notice the lights... I love that about you xx

  2. Looks like a fun day out. That first photo is fantastic, great capture.

  3. I love the deep blue man, and his eyes really are so mesmerizing! Looks like a great're brave to face all those crowds!

  4. Glad u captured the moment; weren't u tempted to touch him?! :) Reminds me of Blue Man Group show which is SPECTACULAR!!


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