Monday, May 13, 2013

blacksmith, fiddle player, cell-phone talker, and bluegrass

 the blacksmith was working with high heat, as he
 bent metal rods into usable shapes.  
 the fiddle player was standing on a corner, pipe unlit.
 even the people walking by at the appalachian festival got into the spirit by dressing up, but i 
 spotted this daniel boone-type talking on a cell phone.  
time change! 
 musicians were everywhere.  

one year i bought a t-shirt at this festival.  it said:
got music, got art, got an extra bologna sandwich.

down-home beauty.


  1. Ha! Anytime we go to Williamsburg we have the worst cell phone reception and we always joke about how the need more Ye Olde Cell Phone Towers! World's Colliding! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, dear. XO

  2. Daniel Boone on a cell phone! So cool! x

  3. Wow stepping back in time alright! Looks like alot of fun. Glad the poached chicken breast recipe was of use, yay!!!

  4. I love your story telling in both posts. Makes me feel I was there! Great photographs. Thank you for taking me along!


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