Wednesday, November 23, 2011


monday a wonderful parent came to our class.  her family directly descends from a man on the mayflower.  she told the story of how her relative fell overboard and was rescued, and how the trip took 66 days at sea.  she brought the children copies of the mayflower compact.  it was very interesting!
it also made me remember and appreciate my ancestors.  all grandparents came from ireland.  no prominent or famous ones, but hardworking, loving, and strong-willed.  today i am thankful for my family, even those of long ago.  joy to you!


  1. My ancestors on my father's side are from Ireland. I would love to someday trace my family roots...That would be so interesting.

  2. Gosh how amazing! What a special document to see. Thanks for visiting me Noreen,

    Sarah x

  3. Noreen, Happy thanksgiving. It is wonderful to be thankful for family... past and present. I am thankful for my family too x


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