Wednesday, November 2, 2011

getting outside

did you get outside today?  

just recently i learned that the full-spectrum light is good for you.

it wakes you up and sets your circadian rhythm.  that means you will sleep better at night.  i find the outside air and light refreshing.  at our school, we go outside for recess until it is below 20 degrees.  that's fine with me.  the classroom gets stuffy with 26 children working.  these pictures are from a weekend trip to the little miami river.  the beauty is stunning and changes by the day.  how's the weather where you are?


  1. Our weather is hot with afternoon storms. Magical to feel the energy from the storm break the stillness and heat of the day.
    Your environment is divine! {I prefer it when it's cold!!!}

  2. It's early morning here in Port Macquarie Australia, it's a little bit overcast, we had rain yesterday but I'm hoping it holds off today, because I have to catch a plane to the Gold Coast to attend a conference on learning how to use Wordpress. Love your photos.

  3. Yes, I try to get outside a lot, especially with the kids. Though, I didn't know it helps set your circadian rhythm; though, that only makes sense.
    ;) Theresa
    PS~Congratulations on 20 years! Our seventh is coming up this weekend.

  4. My son was at a school where they made a "big deal" about being outside in all weather and it was great. For many reasons (not that) we had to switch schools, and he's at one where they don't make a big deal about it, but that time to be outside and move their bodies, even on the coldest of days is still honored all the time. I'm so grateful. *I* could do better about it, but at least I know he's covered!


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