Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fall to winter

sometimes you can see two seasons at one time.  
on saturday we ran and saw these vibrant leaves.
a little further on the trail, we came to this forested area.
 on our way back - wow.  it looked like winter.
happy thursday!  book review delayed by montessori meeting.  are you busy?


  1. I love that second picture of the forested area! It would look awesome as a hung piece of art in a home!

  2. I love your photos, Noreen. It was 80 here yesterday and we've already hit our high of 55 today. Feeling very blustery and fall-like.

  3. It really seems like they suddenly fell, doesn't it? I just noticed these huge piles of leaves on the ground yesterday. And today the high is 35. Brrr...

  4. I'm trying to get busy - I've been sidetracked by reading The Hunger Games.

    I really like the second photo, too. The woods looks a little enchanted.

    - H

  5. Even though I'm known for my ability to avoid any sort of physical activity - your photos make me want to go for a walk in them. Am I busy? Yes, flat out, that's why I'm avoiding work by looking at other people's beautiful websites/images, to "calm" myself.

  6. Noreen, so beautiful to experience winter like this. Changing day by day, moment by moment. This colours in the top photo are exquisite! So lovely to see the life you are living xxx

  7. Noreen, Some of the London bloggers met up today and I was wishing you and some others I have met were there. Maybe when I'm in Cincinnati in the Spring we can have lunch?! x, Beth

  8. The 1st pic is AMAZING ... how beautiful seeing 2 seasons in 1 photo. U have inspired me to take my camera on my morning walk tomorrow :)


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