Wednesday, November 9, 2011

book review delayed for recess

 it rained this morning, and looked like we would have indoor recess.  when the time came and the rain had stopped, we were happy to go out.  a plane flew by, which stopped  playing for a bit.  
 then the wind blew a little, and brown leaves fell from the trees.  that was it.  a whole crowd of children ran around trying to catch leaves as they fell.  

 at one point, the wind picked up leaves from the ground and sent them spinning.  oh!  the shouting, the running!  

it was a joyful, muddy recess.  happy thursday!


  1. I love how that shot of the plane looks like one of the leaves! Gorgeous!

  2. I think that the kids in your class are lucky to have you as a teacher. Kids are "noticers" and you are too. :)

  3. Lauren, that was serendipity. The gray and ominous clouds stayed that dark, and you're right about the shape. Heidi, I just do my best. I love teaching! See you at your blogs! (I need to change my blogroll to include you - as soon as I have time.

  4. I wish you were teaching my youngest. You are so magical! Swirling, falling leaves... super fun. No wonder there was sqealing and frollicking! xxx

  5. Your photos and words together are like a little story book. It's really enchanting.

  6. Leah, I'd love to have your youngest. I always say I have 2 children at home, and 26 more kids at school. Happy weekend!


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