Tuesday, November 8, 2011

beach sunrise

the last maine photos.  it was early morning, and although i got lost running to the beach, i found it in time to see the sun rise.  this was a new community built right on the beach.  the ocean is in the background.  it was 18 degrees, and the grass was crunchy with frost.  

the sun shone on the ropes leading to the beach.

it looks like it could be warm, doesn't it?  brrr.

there were large birds in the water past these rocks, but i couldn't get close to them.  a relative of the pelican?  

now i'm back in ohio, and happy to be home.  the beauty is reading to my child, chatting at the dinner table.  tomorrow indoor soccer starts again.  where are the pads?  joy to you!


  1. beautiful photos - early morning moments captured . . .
    thanks for sharing - looks like a lovely trip


  2. Noreen, I was away from the computer for a bit and it was so nice to come back to the rest of your gorgeous Maine photos. Stunning. I know you're glad to be home (I know that feeling very well!), but do you miss Maine? How often do you get back there?

  3. The magical time of day captured so gently. So beautiful Noreen. You have a talent for photographing nature.... lovely. xxx

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed these pictures. It hardly seems real now that I'm back home to busy family life. Lauren, my parents retired to Maine. We've vacationed there for years. It's been a joy to share Maine adventures and their grandparents with the kids.

    See you at your blogs!

  5. Love these pictures. It's great how you let the images take center stage. nice work.

    -From a fellow BYW'er


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