Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lunken airport

our little airport was built in the 1920s.
the clock with wings is my favorite.  on either side of these doors are the works of art below.

 it's small, but still used.  the signs go with the building.

 history. cincinnati is the "queen city of the west" because people came through here on the ohio river.  
lunken is a user-friendly airport with a 5-mile running trail around the premises.  you can learn more about it here.  of course if you fly to cincinnati, you come through our international airport in northern kentucky.  only small planes use lunken anymore.  joy to you!


  1. What an awesome little airport! I love the sign for the Planes... In case you couldn't find them! So cute!

  2. It's got so much charm I just love it ! Flying anywhere fun soon ? :-)

  3. I love buildings with history. It's always a shame when they bulldoze an old building to replace it with a new, modern one. Thanks for sharing these pics.
    PS~Been away for a couple of days and missed Beauty of Everyday. Have a great one!

  4. Old buildings are wonderful - sadly here in Port they let all of the old buildings get bulldozed eons ago- so we are not a town with a lot of historical character - thank goodness we have the beaches!

  5. That's a really cool airport, I love the paintings! It's great that it's still being used for its original purpose.

    Oh, are you, Lauren and Leah all taking photography classes? All three of you have been taking some really fabulous pictures! Really, really nice! I love the two of the paintings, they are so vivid!

  6. Noreen, i love the winged clock too! This building is divine! I love the feeling of being transported to a past era. xxx

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this dear airport with us! Those old building are so stunning! The paintings have almost a deco feel to me, which makes sense, I guess. And the winged clock is stunning! When Neel and I were in college in Richmond Indiana (a loooooong) time ago, there was a great cajun-ish restaurant in Cincinnati that we would sometimes go to...De Felici? I wonder if it's still there.


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