Tuesday, November 22, 2011

book review - steve mccurry

our class is studying asia.  in his book the unguarded moment, national geographic photographer steve mccurry has amazing pictures, many of asian people.  the children will enjoy learning the way people meet their needs for food, shelter, and fun.  i appreciate his art.  he makes photography look easy, like paula radcliffe makes marathon running look easy.  

for those of us working to improve our photography, phaidon has mccurry in a series of one- minute masterclass videos.  His blog is also inspiring.  i learned about him through this lovely post at the sartorialist.  enjoy!


  1. I love The Sartorialist! I'm off to check out your links. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for these links Noreen! i am really looking forward to improving my photography skills. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family x

  3. What a cool recommendation! I'd love to check out his blog and the mini photo classes. Thanks for the ideas. :)

    And yes, hope you really enjoy your time off with the family.


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